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Fair & Transparent

How it works - video
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Draw each Thursday at 13.00 CET - Next draw in

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Keep it simple.

1 ticket per draw, 1 euro per ticket, 1 winner per week and the Lucky One will take home all the money, guaranteed.

We maximize the player’s chance!

Prize Euro Millions WTA
€4.000 1 in 500.000 1 in 4.000
€50.000 1 in 3.200.000 1 in 50.000
€300.000 1 in 6.400.000 1 in 300.000
€1.000.000 Unknown 1 in 1.000.000
The best odds in the world
Lottery Jackpot Ticket Price
Euro Millions Shared €2,-
Euro Jackpot Shared €2,-
Postcode Lotteries Shared €11,50
Winner Takes All One player €1,-
The lowest ticket price

Keep it affordable.

A ticket is just one euro and every euro goes straight into the jackpot. We only charge a small administration fee on top of each transaction.

We limit the player’s cost.

Keep it fair.

Players can use only one ticket per draw, so the number of players equals the jackpot and everybody gets an equal chance.

Straightforward and transparent.

Lottery Payout Source
Postcode Lotteries 38% view source
Euro Millions 50% view source
Euro Jackpot 50% view source
Winner Takes All 84% view source
The highest payout in the world
1%CLUB - Share a little. Change the world. 50% of profit to charity

Keep it Positive.

We believe everybody deserves a fair chance in life, so we also act as fundraiser and donate 50% our profit to 1%CLUB.

Everybody wins!

“I believe it is possible to have a positive impact on this world by leveraging the power of the crowd. Leveraging works best if you manage to keep efforts at a minimum and rewards at a maximum. Winner Takes All is the perfect format to leverage this power; together we can create better chances for everyone!”

Jasper Versteege – Founder & Director